Hey !

Hello there ! I came here to talk about something
(and to tell/write some things to some of you ♡)

Maybe some of you have noticed that I’m not very active here as I used to be (tbh I don’t wanna talk about the “why-because”, besides I think it would be unnecessary) so… yes, I am leaving this tumblr. You don’t even can imagine the mix of feelings that I have right now but it is something that was seen coming and I feel that eventually will be better. 

I’ll not delete this tumblr, too many feelings, friendship and good memories here, in turn, I’m not going to stop to loving, admiring and following Takeru, it’s quite obvious (to me) that I’ll continue with him in another fresh and new blog. About KAT-TUN, well… I’m and I’ll be always a hyphen but tbh the thing “Koki isn’t in KAT-TUN anymore” still hurts a lot… omg I really feel sad thinking about it, I love them but by now still hurts that fact. My love for doramas, manga and anime will never die so its not a theme hehehe (for these reasons I’ll be watching some of you ¬◡¬).

On the other hand… you guys… here are a lot of awesome people and suddently I’m quite sad because that I really loved and still love have that “tumblr connection” or common interests with some of you ! I’ve had conversations with many of you and believe me I treasure every conversation, every like, every message, etc. ! ~ such a fantastic human beings here and… I’m not good expressing my feelings but:

Joelly, my SGIRL: come on, we talk one day and here we are, talking every day ! my little sister this isn’t a goodbye for us because we stalk each other everywhere LOL. I love you my friend ♥.

Kari, my BRO: BRO ! gosh we are bros flying around so, you know we’re friends until forever ♥.

Sarah: girl you’re a beautiful person, we always randomly talk but I want you to know that I really appreciate it and you have a KSADCHKSFHD BLOG ! always one of my favourite ♥.

Wendy: precious girl with a flawless blog, gosh ! you’re the most active tumblr ever seriuosly ! besides you’re a good and great person ♥ !.

Kelley: the awesome hyphen, you’re amazing and you love KAT-TUN in an admirable way ♥.

Fin: you and Maine are very unique, filling me with exo and I don’t even like them lol despite that you have to know that it’s nice to talk with you (when we talk of course hahahaha) ♥.

Kaylee: we follow each other on twitter but we don’t talk so much but is very nice know about you through your tweets (I’m not a stalker, I just scroll hahahaha) ♥.

Katherine: these months we have been talking ! not every day but it was… indeed still is awesome get to know you a little bit more ♥ !.

Krista, Sasha, stephany-310hana-angel: Sato Takeru fans, I know there are more blogs and fans of Takeru but you are part of the people who helped to keep alive this blog (Wendy you too), seriously you are awesome, thank you very much for being active and sharing things, news, scans, videos, translations, etc., about Takeru ♥ ! ~~ people if you want to have Takeru in your dashboard you know what to do !.

Also people with whom I had the opportunity to talk, with others no, mutual followers and beautiful blogs ♥: Chel, Christina, Linda, Meghan, Maya, Fin, Dana, Lanna, Zati, Pomme, Bia, Alex, Marvi, Jelena, Manorie, Ceci, Maria, MariVmikanpurin, thesameas, onionskytree, camera-corner, ogurin-tomasu, kuroi-himitsu, mellowciel, heckyeahruroken, hisangelwings, ippainoyume, soujirosetaringothegonanasei05, mirokuuu, takizakura, bananadays, ghibli-gifs, sho-chi and motobocor.

And to all my wonderful followers !: THANKS A LOT !, I really don’t know what to say to you TTvTT *hugs* *hugs* TTvTT

Without all of you this blog would have been nothing.

Thank you very much !

Well, this is it. You’re free to unfollow, you’re free to ask me anything, I’ll continue on my other blog and twitter (and etc.hahaha), please continue with your amazing blogs ! and thank you very much again ♡♡♡.

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